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Friday, June 11, 2010

i'm lame.

#1. i'm so sorry i haven't updated this thing in FOREVER. lately, i've been so busy i don't have time to type it all out! but i know you all are DYING to know everything that goes on in my life, so i will try to update more often (JUST KIDDING)
#2. my sister graduated from college! woohoo! congratulations, mia. so unbelievably proud of you.
#3. i had my 2 year anniversary with the boyfriend that same weekend! can't begin to explain how lucky i am. love you, case!
#4. i got a job at a preschool and i'm lovin' it...i love kids and i love working with the younger kids, as opposed to the older ones last summmer (but i do go into the older kids room to mess with them occasionally...last time i taught them the macarena and the cupid shuffle on my lunch break). I LOVE BABIES! i can't say that enough....
#5. I LOVE SUMMER! i can't say that enough either. i feel as though we didn't even go away to school and let me tell you...I'M LOVING IT. i've played enough sand volleyball to be a pro by now (but of course i'm the farthest thing from that), i've country danced like there's no tomorrow (and HATED my job the next morning), and i've hung out with great friends that i will never take for granted.
#6. my next happy list is on its way!

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